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  1. The Lamb

From the album Gabriel Cox (Download)

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Little black lamb, where you takin me
Little black lamb, somewhere I can’t be
Were so far from home now, and its starting to get dark outside
The valley’s getting colder, and I fear the worst for you and I….oh
Little black lamb, got me on a chain
Little black lamb, fill me up with pain
You put me through the fire, you got me feelin like a slave
I aint lost out here at all, no no no, you got me picking out a grave…..ah
Little black lamb, what you fighting for
Little black lamb, I don’t care no more
That’s when I saw a little birdie, lord it was dying from a broken heart….oh oh yes it was
you turned around and gave it yours, but I think you knew it from the start… yes you did, yeah yeah, oh oh oh
Little black lamb whoa, oh you set her free….
Little black lamb, don’t you die on me……no don’t you do it, no you can’t leave me
Little black lamb, don’t you cry
Little black lamb, baby you can fly…

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