Just found out that my newest CD "I Surrender" was selected to represent the Cascade Blues Association of Portland as part of the Blues Foundation's "Best Self-Produced CD of 2016 competition" in Memphis TN. This is a huge honor and I would like to thank the CBA and all the board members for voting for me to represent them in Memphis. Wish me luck guys!


Hi guys, I was just nominated for a 2016 CBA Muddy Award for "Best Regional Blues Act." I am super thankful for everyone that nominated me and I hope to see you guys at the Muddy Awards on November 2nd. Cheers! =)


The new album is officially out! Get yourself a copy from my website store, or come out to experience the real deal next Saturday at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon in Portland OR. If you were around last weekend for our official release party, then you'll know how much of an awesome time this is gonna be!! Can't wait to see you guys! 


I am finally ready to record my new album! I officially start tracking on March 21st at Wavelength Studio's. Super excited to have the honor of working with Mark Cox, Jarred Venti, Derek Jones, Nathan Olsen, Brandon Logan, Hank Shreve, Miranda Vettrus, Rae Gordon, and John Pulvers. This album is going to be an amazing adventure, and I will be sure to keep you all posted. Not sure when we will be finished, but when everything is all done we will have an epic CD release party to go along with it! So stay in…


Hi guys, so I recently started this wildcard song idea. Basically, if you come to one of my shows and drop a note with the song name, artist, and your name into the wildcard box, then I will randomly select one at the end of my show, and if your request is chosen then we will play it for you at the following show! If you don't come to the show, or you don't write your name down on the note, then we won't play it. After all, this idea is for you guys, and it doesn't work without you. Anyways, hope you guys…

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